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About the Foundation

The AnnieRuth Foundation was established in 2012.  This 501(c)3 organization is named after Ruth Kearney, the grandmother of Founder, Dee Wilcox.  Its purpose is to serve as a catalyst of positive change in underserved communities.

The foundation focuses on education, health initiatives, and economic development. Our goal is to equip participants with knowledge and skills to assist with making healthy life choices; thus empowering them to become positive contributors to society. Our programs offer viable solutions to problems that negatively impact individuals, the family unit and the community as a whole; problems that if unaddressed will negatively impact future generations.

The AnnieRuth Foundation has a deep commitment to the personal, educational and professional achievement of those we serve.

Our Mission


To strengthen underserved communities by providing services and resources in an effort to educate, enrich and empower families on the First Coast.


To be a catalyst of positive change in underserved communities.


Passionate (we believe that “passion” drives one to do their best work; we are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve)

Respect (we believe that every soul deserves to be treated with dignity; therefore we handle every interaction with the highest level of respect)

Equality (we believe that we are neither above nor beneath anyone else regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender; we are all human beings seeking to make this world a better place of which to live)

Accountable (we believe that each person should be held accountable for their actions; making no excuses but a commitment to do better)

Committed (we believe that programs should be solution-oriented and results driven; therefore we are committed to continuously evaluating our programs ensuring that they are suitable for those we serve)


Sowing seeds, strengthening communities

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Web Developer
Client Focused Media

Founder & CEO
Dee Wilcox, MBA, M.Ed, PHR, CPLC

Student Employees
Daniel Warner
Jayda Ketter
Leslie Carey
Melody Buckholtz
Parth Patel
Tanasha Jackson

Director, Public Relations
LaToya Freeman, Ally

Director, Social Media

Advisory Board
Daphne Colbert, Florida Blue
Jacksonville, FL

Toni Clifford, CEO
Financially Tone
Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Rogers Cain, Member
North East Florida Medical Society
Jacksonville, FL

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