Cyber Safety Training

Staying Safe On-line during Cyber and Digital Times
As a part of the AnnieRuth Foundation’s, “I Aspire” campaign (sponsored by
Internet Essentials from Comcast), students (and their parents/guardians) are
encouraged to attend Cyber Safety training. This virtual, 1-hour session is
designed to reinforce the importance of staying safe on-line during current cyber
and digital times.
The use of technology is an awesome way to learn, grow, and stay ‘in the know.’
However, there are dangers that you need to be aware of to keep you, your
family, and your computer safe. Expert internet safety facilitators will share tips
to help you stay safe and sound as you travel around on-line.
Participants of the 1-hour, virtual cyber safety training will learn:
 how to protect personal identifiable information
o the “what, why and how” around privacy & protection features
 how to surf the net with an increased awareness of cyber bullying and
cyber stalking
o protect yourself from becoming a victim
 how to stay safe while navigating on “kid friendly” gaming platforms
o even ‘kid friendly’ platforms have dangers lurking
 where to go for on-line ‘cyber safety’ resources
o there are a lot of ‘on-line safety’ resources for students and parents

WHAT: Cyber Safety (on-line training)
WHEN: January 22, 2022. (11AM – 12PM)


January 22, 2022. (5PM – 6PM)
WHERE: Virtual *Microsoft Teams’ Meeting

*Please ensure that the Microsoft Teams app is downloaded to your computer prior to January 22.


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