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2021 Summer Internship Program

The AnnieRuth Foundation’s Summer Internship Program is a one year, points-based program that affords high school students the opportunity to interact with Community Leaders, Subject Matter Experts and other students from across the First Coast. The program equips participants with personal and professional skills that they are able to use now and well into their future. Student-interns are paid for hours that they work in a safe, professional environment that aligns with their career aspiration. Students who participate in the Summer Internship Program are viewed as more ‘marketable’ in comparison to their peers who are interested in obtaining a job in the same career field.


  • 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • Promotes academic achievement
  • Fosters a college mind-set
  • Develops character
  • Provides a platform to network with Community Leaders, subject matter experts (SMEs) and other students from across the First Coast
  • Develops personal & professional skills
  • Provides insights from former award recipients
  • Includes guidance from certified career coaches
  • Emphasizes civic responsibility
  • Includes program material
  • Includes internship experience


  • $2,500.00 per participant (which includes costs associated with participating in the one year program in addition to costs associated with the six-week, summer internship experience)


  • Financial assistance is available to all families in the form of full and partial scholarships. To apply for a scholarship, please follow the instructions below.

2021 Financial Assistance Forms are being accepted now thru August 1, 2020: Don’t delay, apply today!

Step 1:

Click Here to download the 2021 Summer Internship Program Financial Assistance Form

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Click the “Browse” button to find and upload your form.

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